Where Glass Meets Design

Glass Office Solutions Ltd offers a complete one stop solution to supply and install all types of glass partitioning systems & glass products.

Glass Partitioning Products

We provide a huge range of products, tailored to your each and every need.

Glass Partitioning

Choose from single glazed, double glazed, or acoustic glazed options. Our diverse glass selection ensures your specific requirements are met.

Banded Glazing

Customize aluminum vertical and horizontal glazing bars for full control over the Industrial Banded effect partition’s appearance. Options include Single or Double Glazed.

Sliding / Folding / Moveable Walls

Transform your space with our Movable walls, offering various options like sliding and folding room dividers. Contact us for project inquiries.

Fire Rated Partitioning

Consider fire-rated glazing to comply with regulations and project specifics. Explore our options and consult our experts for guidance.

Switch Electric Glazing

Achieve instant privacy with the ability to switch between frosted and clear glass at the touch of a button.

What We Offer

Professional Design

Our in house design team will help create the space you need, offering guidance and design ideas. 

Advice & Consulation

Not sure what you require? No worries, lean on our expertise and we will provide all the advice you need. 

Seamless Installation

We can provide a stress-free installation. We have extensive experience working in all environments, and our staff and processes allow for a seamless installation. 

After Care & Support

We hate to say goodbye, so that’s why we offer extensive aftercare and support for all of our customers. 


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